Jom Sadaqah Campaign

A project managed by Lembaga Zakat Negeri Kedah to raise funds to help those in need. The role of Islamic social finance assumes great significance, especially in countries and state with high poverty levels among Muslims. The main objective of Islamic philanthropy such as Zakat (compulsory tax on wealth) and Sadaqah (charitable acts) is to meet the needs of the poor and to curb ever-rising levels of relative poverty. To fulfill this objective, it is essential to know to what extent Islamic social funds can meet the resource requirements for poverty alleviation, and whether the current distribution of Islamic social funds to the poor have been effectively managed and distributed.

About Lembaga Zakat Negeri Kedah

In Kedah State, Lembaga Zakat Negeri Kedah is a government agency appointed to manage the collection and distribution of zakat. For the purpose of the Jom Sadaqah campaign is to accommodate the needs of the poor in the state using the crowdfunding platform. To find out more about us, feel free to visit our official site at